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Online Resources and Activities

What’s Missing?

I am sure some of you are missing going to school! Certainly missing being with friends. However good social media is, it’s not the same as actually being with friends.

Who’s missing?

Our children and teenagers! We are missing seeing you!

So in spite of what we have said about the limitations of social media, we’ve put together a list of sites with some great resources and activities. Check them out!

First Steps/Splash & Xtreme/Tribe (0 – years 5/6)

Bob Hartman stories (updated weekly) –

Scripture Union, Make & Pray (updated nearly every day) –

Grid/Youth Club (years 6/7 upwards)

Scripture Union, Inspire (updated nearly every day) –


Upcoming Online Family Service

We would love you to join in and help Iain & Raquel with our upcoming online family service!

Download instructions here for full details on what to do and how to get involved.